As Help Desks for Entrepreneurs, we facilitate the creation of new companies, the effective start of their activity and their development, through the provision of information services, documentation processing, advice, training and support to business financing.

The PAEs can depend on public or private entities, professional associations, business organizations or chambers of commerce.

In our case, we depend on the College of Labour Relations Specialists of Malaga and the Professional Association of Accounting and Tax Experts of Spain, having signed an agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism to act as authorized PAE centre.

As PAE, we rely on the Information Centre & Business Setup Network (CIRCE) for the company formation, and, to be exact, on one of its components: the Online Processing System (STT), to set up businesses. In this sense, when an entrepreneur chooses to start the process of setting up a business from a PAE, he is implicitly using the CIRCE system.

As PAE we have a double mission:

  • To provide information and advice to entrepreneurs regarding their business initiatives and for the first years of activity of the company.
  • Start up the administrative procedure to setting up of the company through the Single Electronic Document (DUE).

Services provided by an Entrepreneur Service Point:

VICTORIA GESTIÓN ASESORES, as AUTHORIZED HELP DESK, provides the following services:

  • Information on the different types of Companies and Freelancers (Self-employed), commercial aspects, tax advantages, accounting aspects, applicable regulations and other legal forms in force.
  • Creation of companies through the online processing system developed by the Directorate General of Industry and SMEs, using the Single Electronic Document (DUE). This service is mandatory and free of charge.
  • Information on grants and incentives for business creation applicable to the respective project.
  • Information on the Social Security scheme applicable, registration criteria, affiliation, contributions etc.
  • General information on topics of interest to companies, such as: funding, taxation, employment, internationalization, research, technical development and innovation, business cooperation etc.
  • Company name reservation for the New Enterprise Limited Liability Company (SLNE) procedures that require to be carried out in person.