Nowadays, taxes represent a serious burden for any company’s finances. And yet, by adequate fiscal planning, this burden can be reduced and fiscal savings become possible.

For this reason, we count on a large team of tax consulting professionals with extensive experience and updated training, which allows us to prepare, present and manage all types of issues regarding tax and administrative procedures, reducing the tax burden and maximizing savings.


  • Permanent advice and tax information through newsletters and bimonthly information bulletin in matters of fiscal and commercial nature.
  • Preparation of reports, opinions and delivery of documentation.
  • Advice on new laws and their subsequent modifications.
  • Set-up, analysis and registration of all types of companies and businesses, in various forms, Direct estimation: normal and simplified, Objective (Modules)
  • Information about grants, subsidies and tax incentives.
  • Economic, financial and technical feasibility studies.
  • Advice on tax benefits and tax exemptions.
  • Assistance, presentation of requests and representation before the Tax Agency.
  • Economic and administrative claims
  • Analysis, preparation, calculation and processing of income tax declarations for individuals and of capital gains tax declarations.
  • Accounting correspondence between VAT, Income tax for individuals and Profit Tax
  • Local taxes, taxes on Patrimonial Transfers and Documented Legal Acts, Inheritances and Donations.
  • Analysis, settlement and electronic filing of declarations corresponding to quarterly, annual or informative tax returns, VAT, Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Income Tax for Non-Residents,
    Intracommunity operations, taxes, special taxes, customs duties, Economic Activities Tax (IAE), Succession, Inheritance and Donations Taxes.
  • Fiscal policy definition and operations planning.
  • Tax audit for businesses.
  • Review and, where appropriate, correction of fiscal accounting as per the media and the data provided by the company.
  • Any other tax operation related to the legal obligations of the company..