Our company has highly qualified professional collaborators with extensive experience in all branches of law, able to offer solutions to legal problems, both for individuals and companies, and resolve any doubts and queries that may arise from the client in a fast and effective manner. To this end, we have concluded collaboration agreements with prestigious law firms at a local and international level, which allow us to deal with any legal matter that may affect our clients. Assistance, defence and representation in civil, commercial, labour and criminal lawsuits resulting from litigation that must be initiated or defended in claim of any right or compensation that corresponds to the client commercially, personally, or as a result of accidents or lawsuits. Preparation and supervision of documents related to the following legal fields and adapted to current legal regulations:

Main Areas of Expertise

Labour Law:

  • Contracts of all kinds (purchase-sale, swaps, loans, partnership, etc.)
  • Company constitution, adaptation and modification.
  • Probates.
  • Claims for payment.
  • Incapacities and guardianships.

Marriage and Family Law:

  • Marriage annulment.
  • Marital separations.
  • Divorces.

Horizontal Property Law and Leases:

  • Contracts
  • Mortgages

Criminal Law:

  • Assistance to the detainee
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Complaints and Controversies
  • Defence or accusation before the Criminal Investigation Courts or Provincial Hearings, Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court in any type of crime or offence, as well as in traffic accident cases.

Administrative Law:

  • Ordinary appeals
  • Appeals before the Contentious-Administrative Chamber
  • Residence permits.

Right of Insurance and Circulation:

  • Procedures derived from traffic accidents
  • Any other legal matter not included in the present list can be solved by our firm with the help of our professional collaborators.