Bookkeeping is crucial in any company, as it brings to light its economic and financial situation, as well as the results of business management, through financial and economic reports and analyses. One might say that bookkeeping takes the entire information of a company, processes it and turns it into financial reports, from which it is possible to extract analyses, studies and determine the result and profitability of the business, constituting itself into a fundamental element for the operational control of the company. For this reason, apart from dealing with financial accounting, in accordance with the mandatory accounting principles that lead to the faithful reflection of the situation of the company in its financial statements, allowing adequate decision making, we also put specific know-how at the disposal of our clients, advising in the continuous registration of all transactions and in the preparation of evaluations so that they can have all the information they need, precisely when they need it.

Our services


  • Opening and closing of the accounting year.
  • Opening and closing of the accounting year.
  • Registration of daily operations.
  • Regularization of Balances, Assets and Liabilities.
  • Management of the Profit and Loss Account.
  • Preparation and presentation of Annual Accounts.

Computerized accounting:

  • Preparation and legalization of official accounting records: general journal, inventories, annual accounts, VAT records, records on purchases, expenses and income, provision of funds and supplies to professionals.

Other accounting services:

  • Consultancy, design, planning and organization of business accounting.
  • Assistance and training of the accounting staff of our clients.
  • Preparation, filing and processing, based on the documentation provided by the company, of the annual accounts that all companies must submit to the Trade Registry.
  • Accounting and financial analysis.
  • Any other accounting operation related to the legal obligations of the company.